My name is Sher. It’s short for Sherri…..actually, that’s not completely true.

It’s actually short for Sheryl Anne. I don’t know exactly when I started going by Sherri. It’s not any shorter than Sheryl, but I digress. My family and friends all call me Sher (or Sherbear). I like it, and since we’re all friends here; Sher I shall be.

I’m a wife, mommy, nana, fashionista, cupcake designer, baker, crafter, painter, photographer, poet, rock groupie and collector of shoes. Now I can add blogger to the mix! I’m inspired by the beauty that’s all around us – a touching song, my grandchildren’s laughter, a gorgeous sunrise, the smell of rain, the quiet before the snowfall, an unexpected act of kindness. If you’re reading this, my hope is to inspire you as well. Let’s connect. Your presence here is much appreciated. xo

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